An Angel in the Studio


For a special Mother’s Day present I decided to get creative in the studio and fling some flour. Rosie’s mum loves previous pictures I have taken of her dancing and I thought it would be fun to try something a little different. There are lots of photographs on the internet of dancers with flour. The fine powder show movement without blur and can have a very magical effect. Due to the size of my studio we were unable to have Rosie jumping to her full extent and decided on a quieter feel to the shots and keeping the focus on her face. I left flour on  the floor  and added  grain to give it a ‘work shop’ feeling and kept editing down to a minimum.

Getting the flour to fall in the right shapes meant that some of the arm movements we needed were not technically ballet correct. The angel wings took quite a bit of practice but the skirt was the result of me taking the shot too early, but I really like the simplicity of it. Using flour can be quite dangerous as it is easy to breathe in and so we had limited time in a small space, but I think we will make someone’sMother’s Day special!



  1. jo

    These images are so beautiful Penny x

    • Penny

      Thank you Jo!


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“United States”

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